After Party Cleaning in South-West London

Over time we, at Prolux End-of-Tenancy Cleaning had catered after many gatherings.We know what is required to to return the residence back in order and how long it takes to get it done.

Regular Cleaning South-West London

If you make a decision to take advantage of our regular domestic cleaning South-West London service, you will be pleased to discover what a huge burden will be taken of your hands. Everything in your residence will be well cleaned - kitchens, living rooms, studies, bedrooms, bathrooms, corridors - every room. We pledge that we at all times perform a cleaning to a full satisfaction of our clients, because we aim to provide you with the best residential cleaning service. You choose how often you want our professional cleaners to come to your house and for how many hours they will work. The minimum booking time is three hours, however you could always add more. Our maids at all times do the best services to run your home errands exactly as you want them . You would be delighted how well your home could look!

Industrial Cleaning in South-West London

We, Prolux End-of-Tenancy Cleaning in South-West London, clean and care for your commercial offices with utmost care and attention to details. Your commercial space will look be impeccable. They are going to at any time appear perfect. You will never find a speck of dust, dirt, grime or germs while we take care of your place!

End of Tenancy cleaners in South-West London

End-of-Tenancy professional cleaning service is known by various names: deep-home cleaning, end of lease cleaning, one-off cleaning, move-out cleaning, vacate cleaning, deep-residential cleaning, handover cleaning, lease expiration cleaning, end of lease cleaning, bond cleaning to name some! Regardless of what you call it.... The Prolux End-of-Tenancy Cleaning & End-of-Tenancy Cleaners are South-West London’s best cleaning company!

Spring Cleaning in South-West London

A good spring cleaning will not only revive our home but it is going to prompt us eliminate some of the clutter. Spring cleaning quite likely is going to do wonders for your commercial space just the same.

Office Cleaning South-West London

The regular office cleaning service, delivered by our company is accessible to our commercial clients in South-West London. It was designed to accommodate the cleaning needs of your business. We understand that in the majority of cases it is going to be be problematic to be performed during the day, therefore we made it available 24/7, not to interrupt your operations. Our cleaning experts are at your service each day of the week, during weekends and off- working hours to deliver one supreme cleaning, including cleaning your employees' cubicles, vacuuming, cleaning the bathroom facilities trash disposal, and anything else that you have specified. If the carpets or the upholstery in your office need to be thoroughly cleaned, you derive benefits from our complete deep steam cleaning service.

After-Builders Cleaning in South-West London

Cleaning after builders means the end of any renovation project. Properties that underwent construction or repair - private houses, offices and various structures and edifices in general must be cleaned fully before the owner or the occupant moves back in. The purpose of this after-builder cleaning is to eliminate any left over waste, soil and remains to finish all details and to present the site to the end user in full posh and glamor.

One-Off Cleaning in South-West London

You can depend on us, the specialists at Prolux End-of-Tenancy Cleaning when your apartment needs a comprehensive one-time professional cleaning.We operate the most effective and the environmentally friendly cleaning equipment and cleaning agents. We do not turn away even the most labor-intensive tasks because we are fully prepared to handle heavy workloads.

House Cleaning in South-West London

The home services offered by Prolux End-of-Tenancy Cleaning are of supreme value and are obtainable at affordable prices.If you would like us to come regularly in order to help keep your domestic clean and safe for you and your family then you need not look further. We offer various subscription plans, or we could work on one time basis.

Studio flat	from £95
Studio flat from £95
1 Bedroom	from £115
1 Bedroom from £115
2 Bedroom	from £140
2 Bedroom from £140
3 Bedroom	from £191
3 Bedroom from £191
4 Bedroom	from £269
4 Bedroom from £269
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